"Emerging infectious disease agents and their potential threat to transfusion safety" 8 12 Suppl : S7—S16
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"Efficacy of a Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine in Children in Latin America".

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Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases
حمى الدِّنج،البعوض،حمى الضنك
Expert review of anti-infective therapy
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Amarasinghe, A; Kuritsk, JN; Letson, GW; Margolis, HS August 2011
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"Efficacy of a tetravalent dengue vaccine in children in Latin America".

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Stramer SL, Hollinger FB, Katz LM
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اعراض حمى الضنك وأسباب الإصابة والتشخيص والعلاج ونصائح للوقاية منها
"Neurological complications of dengue virus infection"
Teo D, Ng LC, Lam S April 2009 "Dengue fever: diagnosis and treatment"
"Strategies for development of Dengue virus inhibitors" "New approaches to structure-based discovery of dengue protease inhibitors"

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"Dengue and chikungunya infections in travelers".

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Journal of Infection in Developing Countries
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"Dengue virus life cycle: viral and host factors modulating infectivity"