For subscription send D2000 To 959• For unsubscribing status: CS199 To 959• All Zain prepaid and post paid active package using code and Recharge Final word: I hope that This article was ver y helpful for all Zain user who is really looking for Latest Zain internet packages
85 with VAT Shabab 199 228

Useful Codes

How to active Zain prepaid 4G 50MB daily Package? For their unlimited at low cost, you can choose your favorite package.

Zain Internet Package 2021 (updated): Zain All internet Packages
Total internet: 0 How to subscribe and unsubscribe• so please take a look below you will get complete details about daily zain daily packages with active and data checking info
Best Prepaid Internet Plans
You will also receive 300 Zain to Zain free SMS Not for other networks
Zain internet packages 2021
Thus, if you never want to lose your data connectivity and can easily enjoy social media communications even on a free cost, Friendi makes it possible with their Super SIM access, which comes free
Validity time of the pack is 3 months only 1 month validity period and 2 months of OSN streaming
To subscribe send R SMS ul To 700160• This is not available on Zain anymore For subscription send D50 To 959• Social Media benefits cannot be shared on more than one device Hotspot International Calling Rates Iridium Peak Off-peak Favorite Number 16

Zain KSA Internet Packages

50 SAR with VAT Any other device 201.

Zain OSN Unlimited Data with YouTube Packages
For checking, Status: send BC To 959• Video Call Rate 1 SAR• Total internet: How to subscribe and unsubscribe• The customer hereby declares his knowledge that the deducted amounts for prepaid automated recharge service is non-refundable even in the case of non-consumption of the balance
Useful Codes
Cellular telephone service is widespread, and access to the Internet is available in all major population centers
Saudi Arabia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020
Activate 10GB on your existing data sim card by sending 10GB to 959