Some of our Tickets are sold at special fares which may be partially or completely non-refundable Your right to onward travel or a refund will be governed by the conditions of carriage of the other airline
Items you must not carry in your Baggage• Refusal of entry If you are refused entry to a country including a country you transit through while en route to your destination , you must reimburse us in full on request any fine, penalty or charge assessed against us by the government concerned including detention costs as well as the fare for transporting you, and an escort if required, from that country It is your responsibility to check if Article 7

الملكية الأردنية من جدة إلى الرياض

We will cancel the unused part of your reservation if you do not check-in for any flight or if, having checked-in, you fail to present yourself at the boarding gate with your boarding pass within the time limit specified by us at check-in.

شروط السفر
Unless otherwise stated in the Ticket, in these Conditions of Carriage, or in the Tariffs, a Ticket is valid for:• Unless carriage of your animal is covered by the liability rules of the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention, we will not be responsible for its loss, injury, sickness or death unless caused solely by our negligence
رحلات الملكية الأردنية من عمان إلى الرياض، تبدأ الأسعار من 1302 ريال سعودي
Set out below are prohibitions applicable to Checked and Unchecked Baggage, as well as separate and extra prohibitions applicable to Checked Baggage only and to Unchecked Baggage only
وين موفع مكتب الخطوط الملكية الاردنية في الرياض
If you are not travelling immediately, we advise you to contact the same bodies again before you commence travel to ensure that the requirements which are applicable to you have not changed and that your travel documents remain valid for all flights, destinations and planned Stopovers
We will refuse to accept Baggage for carriage if we decide that it is unsuitable for carriage, whether because of its size, shape, appearance, weight, content, character, or for safety or operational reasons, or for the comfort of other Passengers if a portion of the Ticket has been used, an amount equal to the difference between the fare paid including taxes, fees, charges and exceptional circumstances surcharges paid and the correct fare including taxes, fees, charges and exceptional circumstances surcharges for travel between the points for which you have used your Ticket
Check-in Deadlines are different at some airports 2 of Montreal 1975 ;• Please ask us or our Authorised Agent for details of how to claim such refund

الهيئة الملكية لمدينة الرياض

Code shares On some services we have arrangements with other airlines known as code shares.

الملكية الأردنية
Passenger reimbursement of medical expenses If you are taken ill aboard the aircraft due to a condition pre-existing the flight regardless of whether or not you were aware of it or due to your pregnancy, you will pay to us the cost of expenses paid by us in treating you aboard an aircraft, transporting you on the ground, or paying for treatment provided by a third party
الملكية الأردنية
If you do not let us conduct all such searches, scans and x-rays, we will refuse to carry you and your Baggage
Please ask us or our Authorised Agent for details of how to claim such refund
1, except that you will not be entitled to any refund for the flight for which you were refused carriage you do not meet the requirements of Article 7
"Immediate Family" means your spouse, your children including adopted children , your parents, your brothers and sisters, your grandparents, your grandchildren, your parents-in-law, your brothers and sisters-in-law and your sons and daughters-in-law To check if evidence of fitness to fly is required, see Articles 7

حجوزات الملكية الأردنية

Your contract of carriage with us including these Conditions of Carriage and all applicable exclusions and limits of liability applies for the benefit of our Authorized Agents, servants, employees and representatives to the same extent as they apply to us.

الخطوط الملكية الاردنية
In the case of a compensation claim concerning physical damage to Baggage, you must retain and, if requested by us, let us examine the affected Baggage so that we may assess the nature, extent and repairability of that damage
رحلات الملكية الأردنية من عمان إلى الرياض، تبدأ الأسعار من 1302 ريال سعودي
We have the right, at any time for any reason, to refuse to serve alcohol or to withdraw alcohol which has been served
حجوزات الملكية الأردنية
Some fares have conditions attached to them which limit or exclude your right to change or cancel reservations