Meanwhile, the team treats an inspirational cancer Shaun continues to operate on his patient, but when he is just about to make a breakthrough, the power comes back, making the surgery much less complicated
I'm sorry that some others were so critical However, after hearing the terrible news, the man seems okay, just wanting to offer his thanks to the doctor, which leaves Morgan visibly shaken

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 9

Is the original Korean series on Netflix? And we wanted to dramatize this pain, this particular pain, and not short-change it.

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First he did it in places like Australia and Oceania, but now he has reached Spain
The Good Doctor Season 4
Shaun noted that he had had never hugged her, and she embraced him for the first time
The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 9
She chooses to emphasize one side, and probably that side is more prominent in her than it is in a lot of people
Later, Andrews tries to reconsider his decision while the group is at a bar, but Lim talks him out of it I'm also not sure why Lea was along for the ride unless it was to assist Shaun
Now that she has confronted her trauma, can we expect sunnier days ahead for the chief of surgery — especially now that Mateo is following her back to the States? It almost seemed like they were running a cruel lottery rather than a clinic, as patients came there in the hopes that their condition met the criteria to be one of the few to get treatment He apologizes for making her uncomfortable, but she tells him it isn't that; she believes he still wants to save his marriage

The Good Doctor Season 4: When the medical drama is available on Netflix

Anyway, these people were all in bad shape, and it could be directly connected to their poverty and lack of ability to see a doctor.

The Good Doctor Season 4
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On the same bus trip to the airport And everyone was trying to cope, personally and professionally
For more information view our He explains that he won't bear his soul because she's hiding something, something she adamantly denies

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Lea: It's not that heavy.

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Everyone else gets sent home, no matter how sick they are or how sad their story is
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Lim gets Claire to agree to get her Starbucks for the trouble as Morgan and Park pull up in separate vehicles
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