And We have prepared for the wrongdoers a painful punishment ﴾34﴿ Those who will be gathered on their faces unto hell: such are worse in plight and further from the right road
﴾13﴿ And when they are flung into a narrow place thereof, chained together, they pray for destruction there 62 And it is He who has made the night and the day in succession for whoever desires to remember or desires gratitude

Surah Al

Then would you be responsible for him? they say: And what is the Beneficent? 73 And those who, when reminded of the verses of their Lord, do not fall upon them deaf and blind.

معاني كلمات سورة الفرقان
﴾57﴿ Say: I ask of you no reward for this, save that whoso will may choose a way unto his Lord
سورة الفرقان مكتوبة بالرسم العثماني
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متن سوره فرقان
It is for thy Lord a promise that must be fulfilled
﴾62﴿ And He it is Who hath appointed night and day in succession, for him who desireth to remember, or desireth thankfulness ﴾17﴿ And on the day when He will assemble them and that which they worship instead of Allah and will say: Was it ye who misled these my slaves or did they themselves wander from the way? ﴾50﴿ And verily We have repeated it among them that they may remember, but most of mankind begrudge aught save ingratitude
﴾6﴿ Say unto them, O Muhammad : He who knoweth the secret of the heavens and the earth hath revealed it Then We destroyed them, a complete destruction

(025) سورة الفرقان

Assuredly they think too highly of themselves and are scornful with great pride.

(025) سورة الفرقان
They will know, when they behold the doom, who is more astray as to the road
(025) سورة الفرقان
" 18 They will say, "Exalted are You! In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
معاني كلمات سورة الفرقان
Indeed, its punishment is ever adhering; 66 Indeed, it is evil as a settlement and residence