The gadget monitors your neck and spinal position and buzzes, when the position is less than ideal! Did Fahd use to check his email all the time? Weather changes are monitored closely so that damage by storms can be prevented Use two or three adjectives in each sentence
Did people use to leave messages on telephone answering machines? D Write a sentence for each picture Slouching affects the position of our neck and spine and causes back pains or even headaches

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The controller watches the screen very carefully so that accidents can be avoided.

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I saw a big, old, wooden barn in the countryside
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Mega Goal 4 Workbook Have you noticed how often people, who spend a long time sitting at a desk, complain about back pain? Charles wishes that he was good enough to play professional basketball
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However, you need to remember not to take any notice when the gadget buzzes for the wrong reason; for example when you lean over to answer the phone or get something from a drawer! It though they were spam
Large screens are used so that conditions can be shown clearly over a broad area
The man is stressed out because of work All you need to do is clip the gadget onto your shirt

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