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Photo Editor : Pixlr X


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Holy cow this app has superior quality effects! I also love that I can go in settings and make this open in camera mode! Lensa magicmode and effects are excellent
قائمة أفضل تطبيق وأشهر برنامج تعديل الصور لهاتفك الذكي
These developers need to eat too
Photo editor
Make it perfectly matching to your portrait;• Add dynamics to your selfie by setting the background in motion with just one slider move;• Lensa lets me adjust perfectly
You can't edit video files or animated gifs in Pixlr Even with the effects souped up it looks professional
I do not do heavy airbrushing but I need some control and I need to be able to pop color a little bit and this did not do it when I use the auto adjustment setting there were parts of the photos that just looked over saturated Image formats supported Pixlr supports editing most of the common image formats, you can edit JPEG, PNG, WEBP, GIF as well as PSD photoshop image

Photo Editor 6.8.1 من أجل Android

Add tints to make it look the way you want.

Online Photo Editor: Fotor
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قائمة أفضل تطبيق وأشهر برنامج تعديل الصور لهاتفك الذكي
Highlight your face to make it the center of the shot;• Lensa is a brand new way of making your selfies look better, than you could have ever imagined