Pirenne, Le Royaume Sud-Arabc de Qataban et sa Datation, Louvain, 1961 "Muhmmad," Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim world• According to estimates by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics IBGE , countersigned by the League of Arab States, Brazil has the largest Arab colony outside their countries of origin
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs : "The name is an early one and can be traced in fragments of the old Arab poetry

اليمن ليست أصل العرب

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من هم العرب
total population 450 million, estimates an Arab population of 450 million, see article text
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ما هو أصل العرب ؟ ومن اين اتو ؟ ومن هو جد العرب ؟

Vartan Gregorian, "Islam: A Mosaic, Not a Monolith", Brookings Institution Press, 2003, pg 26—38• Woodard, The Cambridge Encyclopedia Of The World's Ancient Languages, 2004, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, p• there are, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than sixteen million Arabs and descendants of Arabs in Brazil, constituting the largest community of Arabs descent outside the Middle East.

من هم أصل العرب؟ وما معنى كلمة عرب؟ وما هو نسبهم وأقسامهم؟
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من هم أصل العرب؟ وما معنى كلمة عرب؟ وما هو نسبهم وأقسامهم؟
European Journal of Human Genetics