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فصل: حكم أكل القات

Heymann TD, Bhupulan A, Zuriekat NEK, Bomanji J, Drinkwater C, Giles P.

حكم الإسلام في القات أكلاً وزراعةً وبيعاً وشراءً وهديةً
Khat chewing delays gastric emptying of a semi-solid meal
حكم تناول القات
There is no time for thinking you have no time too in order to make you obtains any advantage, nor you perform any work is deserve the mention, no time for visiting the relatives, no time for following most of the people whom practice this habit are unable to catch the exact times for prayers
تنبيهات وتوضيحات حول حكم أكل القات
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"Cathine, an amphetamine-related compound, acts on mammalian spermatozoa via beta1- and alpha2A-adrenergic receptors in a capacitation state-dependent manner" This slogan is against the regime staff if they did not follow it, they will face the same punishments and termination of their jobs
Today the entire regime staff either official or civilian, or army group Or cops and the citizen either immigrant or stayed in the country "Adverse effects of khat: a review"

فصل: حكم أكل القات

he will never listen to you, if he give you good answer that answer as he saying it is not your business, this is you will feel it by his physiognomy, or he will say OH please lets me enjoy I am busy I have no time to talk with you , and leave everything on ALLAH In fact this eating green leaves of QATT is aggressive enemy for the human and nature and economy the meaning it is destroy the health and occupied huge lands of farms it is better if they used those lands for profitable products as fruits and vegetables, this bad habit is extended in our society and increased the numbers of the poorness for low income group of people.

Khat chewing and acute myocardial infarction
زكاة القات
Why Most of the countries are categorized it as drugs and execute the hard punishments on the people if eat it except Yemen and two or a three countries in AFRICA? Hassan NAGM, Gunaid AA, El Khally FMY, Murray-Lyon IM
smile please
Maximum penalties furthermore the taxis drivers and public service not allowing for them to use during their work performance the penalties will be take off their licenses