We should be the main actors in the search for solution to Africa's crises" Douglas Farah 4 March 2011
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مقتل الرئيس إدريس ديبي وتداعياته

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إدريس دبي
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إدريس ديبي.. سيرة حافلة بالمغامرة ونهاية دموية غامضة!
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مقتل الرئيس إدريس ديبي وتداعياته
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Idriss Déby

Media related to at Wikimedia Commons• In addition, the was suspended and replaced by a new charter.

آخرهم إدريس ديبي.. رؤساء قتلوا أثناء توليهم السلطة
Deby was sworn in for another term in office on 8 August 2006
إدريس ديبي
On 4 March, the African Union agreed to expand the Multinational Joint Task Force MNJTF to 10,000 troops
Idriss Déby
Andrew England, , Financial Times, 15 April 2006
Retrieved 22 November 2017 — via Google Books Investigators from the highlighted that the FACT rebels used the to prepare for their campaign in Chad
The marriage was seen as a way to strengthen following a 2010 agreement to normalize diplomatic relations 23 October 2017 at the , Associated Press MSNBC , 6 February 2008

إدريس دبي

A peace agreement was reached in 1994, but it broke down soon thereafter.

محمد إدريس ديبي.. أبرز المعلومات عن ابن رئيس تشاد المقتول
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إدريس دبي
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إدريس ديبي
We must put an end to these tragedies of our time