Akkad spent a further three years studying for a at the USC , where he met the director The production took one year, Akkad filmed for 6 months in Morocco, but had to stop when the Saudi Government exerted great pressure on the government of Morocco to stop the production
Peckinpah became Akkad's mentor in Hollywood and hired him as a consultant for a film about the that never made it to the big screen, but he continued to encourage him until he found a job as a producer at He was killed along with his daughter Rima Al Akkad Monla in the

مصطفى العقاد.. صاحب فيلم الرسالة الذي قتله المتشددون الإسلاميون

Akkad saw the film as a way to bridge the gap between the and , stating in a 1976 interview: I did the film because it is a personal thing for me.

Moustapha Akkad
Early life [ ] Al Akkad was born on July 1, 1930 in in the
هذه صورة مصطفى العقاد . , بقلم أسامة فوزي
Mohammed, Messenger of God 1978 No Executive Yes 1980 Yes Yes No 1981 No Executive Yes 1982 No Executive Yes 1985 No Executive No 1986 No Executive No 1988 No Executive No 1989 No Executive Yes 1995 No Executive No 1998 No Executive No 2002 No Executive Yes References [ ]•
أسرار وتفاصيل جديدة في حياة المخرج السوري الراحل مصطفى العقاد
It was about the real-life leader Quinn , who fought 's Italian troops in the deserts of Libya
In 1980 he directed , in which Quinn and Irene Papas were joined by , , and Death [ ] Akkad and his 34-year-old daughter, Rima Akkad Monla, were killed in the
Because a few terrorists are Muslims, the whole religion has that image Career [ ] In 1976, he produced and directed Mohammad, Messenger of God released as The Message in 1977 in the United States , starring and

مصطفى العقاد دعمه معمر القذافي في الرسالة وأسد الصحراء.. ومقتله حال دون إنجاز فيلم صلاح الدين

He is buried in the Al-Jadidah Cemetery in in.

المخرج السوري الراحل مصطفى العقاد
Akkad went to of for support in order to complete the project, Gaddafi allowed him to move the filming to Libya for the remaining 6 months until the film was finalized
Moustapha Akkad
It is a religion that has a 700 million following, yet it's so little known about which surprised me
مصطفى العقاد دعمه معمر القذافي في الرسالة وأسد الصحراء.. ومقتله حال دون إنجاز فيلم صلاح الدين
" In the , Akkad once tried to buy from and also had a studio at