This individual while exceptional was not physiologically extraordinary since he was described as "subelite" due to his not being "able to adjust power output to regulate energy expenditure as occurs with elite athletes during ultra-cycling events" page 347 "Cerebral blood flow and oxygen consumption in man"
Hill, maximal oxygen uptake, and oxygen debt" "A Systematic Review of Submaximal Cycle Tests to Predict, Monitor, and Optimize Cycling Performance"

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Curtin, NA; Woledge, RC; Aerts, P 2005
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"History of developments in sport and exercise physiology: A
كيف حاربت الرياضة الفقر والجهل والمرض؟
International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance "Maximal oxygen uptake: "classical" versus "contemporary" viewpoints"

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رؤية المملكة 2030 والرياضة
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