CD  Compact Disk — A type of optical storage device Cambridge International AS and A Level 2015 , , Cambridge: Cambridge International Examinations , Page 3
Scanner  A device that allows pictures to be placed into a computer Processor  The CPU — The chip or chips that interpret and execute program instructions and manage the functions of input, output, and storage devices

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Hard Disk  Magnetic storage device in the computer.

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Touchpad  A pressure-sensitive and motion sensitive device used in place of a mouse
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It stores data or programs while they are being used and requires power
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Speakers  Used to generate or reproduce voice, music, and other sounds
The mouse is used to control the on- screen pointer by pointing and clicking, double-clicking, or dragging objects on the screen Microphone  Allows the user to record sounds as input to their computer
Barcode Reader  An input device that converts a pattern of printed bars into a number that a computer can read Printer  An output device that produces a hard copy on paper

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Keyboard  Used to enter information into the computer and for giving commands.

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Computer Case  Contains the major components of the computer
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Modem  The place where the computer is connected to the phone line