Day and night, our tree-like pavilion anticipates diverse occupations We can also help you if you need a unique or a special piece of art for your buisness
In petal-like forms, the stripes merge together at the base, offering spaces where dancers and explorers and tree-dwellers of all kinds can tuck in, recline, or hide for a moment If you are an artist interested in collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you

جلاس بوينت وأوكسيدنتال عُمان توقعان اتفاقية تعاون مشترك لتعزيز إنتاج النفط بالسلطنة

In this case, the bending behavior of 2mm thick aluminum stripes assumes curvature to gain structural performance.

“جلاس بوينت” تدخل التصفية و”تنمية نفط عمان” جاهزة لتشغيل مشاريعها للطاقة الشمسية
Here, thin aluminum allows us to create a hybrid structure: most of the stripes bend into place while also connecting to a thin spine made from folded plates, articulated in black
Stripes Top View 3 Ultra-thin Bending-active "Bending-Active" describes a form-finding process that derives from the elastic deformation of a plate element
بيان من صندوق الاحتياطي العام للدولة حول تصفية
We offer pre-made design glassware, but mainly take orders for custom pieces
Circling the structure, no facade ever repeats itself This might translate into wonder about what this fantastical anomaly is, and how it was made, or something more introspective and meditative
It is also possible to use our studio as working space The colors of the piece pop

بيان من صندوق الاحتياطي العام للدولة حول تصفية

Linear stripes and arching components are lasers cut from thin-gauge aluminum sheets and painted with fours shades of green, a blue, black and white to produce a dynamic coloration across the whole system.

شركة تنمية نفط عُمان وشركة جلاس بوينت تُدشنان محطة 'مرآة' لتوليد البخار بالطاقة الشمسية
Macro shingles resolve into branches that touch the ground lightly around a covered grove, like a redwood hollowed out
“جلاس بوينت” تدخل التصفية و”تنمية نفط عمان” جاهزة لتشغيل مشاريعها للطاقة الشمسية
Something super-natural But is it a tree?
سلطنة عمان توضح قرارها تصفية شركة بوينت
Much of the existing research on bending-active structure investigates the elastic properties of wood; yet wood cannot fold or crease