Moon letters cause no changes to the preceding definite article Below is a breakdown of the steps explaining the application of Moon and Sun letters rule to Arabic words and letter we encounter:• For this and other Arabic grammar concepts, I recommend checking this for English speakers
If you are still confused, please continue to read In other words, it only affects pronunciation and vocalization, not the spelling

الحروف القمرية والشمسية , معلومة لم تعرفها عن الحروف القمريه والشمسيه

How are the Sun letters pronounced with the definite article?.

ورقة عمل الحروف الشمسية والحروف القمرية
Which ones are the Sun letters? Does it start with a Sun letter? It is important to focus on the Sun letters since they are the ones that matter
Simplifying The Arabic Moon and Sun Letters (الحروف الشمسية والقمرية)
Why is it important to distinguish Sun and Moon letters? Why are they called Sun letters? The following image below is a display of images that come from various sources
الحروف الشمسية والقمرية
In addition, it is quite basic and easy to grasp and apply , and learners of Arabic have no excuse not observing the Sun letters rule
Does it start with a Sun letter? Simply said, Moon letters are all the letters that are not Sun letters I have noticed that mispronouncing the sun-letters is one of the most common mistakes among beginners
Please note that the impact of Sun letters is purely phonetic and not morphological I have also seen many advanced non-native speakers of Arabic who butcher the Sun letters

هل تعرف الفرق بين اللام الشمسية واللام القمرية .. 3 فوارق بينهما

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الحروف الشمسية والقمرية
It will come out naturally
الحروف الشمسية والقمرية worksheet
So, no changes on Moon letters
اختبار أل القمرية
What are the Sun and Moon letters? To find out more complete and clear information or images, you can visit the source directly by clicking the link below the image
The purpose of this posting is to explain it in the most basic and simplest terms possible with examples Why are they called moon-letters? Any Arabic letter not in this list is called a Moon letter
The copyright of the image is owned by the owner, this website only displays a few snippets of several keywords that are put together in a post summary So, basically the Sun letters are the ones to watch out for

الحروف الشمسية والقمرية

This is how the words end up.

Simplifying The Arabic Moon and Sun Letters (الحروف الشمسية والقمرية)
However, not the same could be said about Sun letters
الحروف القمرية والحروف الشّمسية
While it is totally normal and okay to make mistakes when we are learning, if this is not addressed early on, it becomes a chronic mistake and habit that is very hard to fix
الفرق بين اللام الشمسية واللام القمرية
For practice, you can refer to the table below to practice the Moon and Sun letters