Both Black Desert Online and TERA have medium system requirements — basic version of Black Desert requires at least GTS 250 and Intel Core i3, while TERA requires Intel i3 7100 with GeForce GTX 760 to play The Epheria Sailboat The Epheria sailboat can only be constructed at a tier 3 shipyard
Below you can see the materials needed for the Epheria sailboat and the time for each cycle Kunoichi — the female counterpart of Ninja — is an easy to fall in love with, but tough to master class! The only other thing to consider is which channel e

Black Desert Online VS TERA

For many players, one of the complex activities in Black Desert Online has become a system of nodes that facilitate and increase the speed of your game.

[Solved] Black Desert Online Crashing on PC
When we play some online games, we always have difficulties opening new levels and using advanced weapons and gear
Black Desert Online Investment Banking Guide
I will test this tomorrow evening after my current investments finish and update here If the top spot is taken away while you have on-going investments, the workers will finish the job, and provide a return
Black Desert Online VS TERA
If not, continue with the next fix below
Like many other MMORPG games, BDO is not limited to the obligatory performance of tasks and quests If you're looking for a good PvP game with epic battles and complex guild system, you can pick Black Desert Online
Enemies in the initial dungeons are not very different from ordinary ones For example, you can buy several houses in Black Desert Online to get influence points

Black Desert Online vs Final Fantasy XIV

You single-target damage is one of the highest in the game, so you need to isolate your enemies in PvP, and watch out for the right openings before engaging.

Black Desert Online vs Final Fantasy XIV
If your interest lies in fishing and deep-sea scavenging then a good boat is a must
Black Desert Online: The Best PvP Classes, Ranked
In addition to adjusting the appearance of the hero, you can see how he will look in different lighting conditions
Boat Guide
For example, you get EXP when you develop a hero or promote professional skills
You need to select the direction and click on the opponent to hit the target The awakening and succession skill trees unlocked later down the line further allow players to choose one of roughly 40 specializations
As important as it may be to consult a guide when building your first character, never let any one player, or even community consensus, dictate what class you have to build You can make your character look like anything you want

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Being a member of a raid or group is not necessary because it does not affect the reward.

10 Mistakes To Avoid Playing Black Desert Online
It allows you to fight alone, even the strongest monsters, you need to move and go behind the enemy's back—however, this strategy wouldn't work in melee combat
Black Desert Online VS TERA
You can get a shipyard in any of the coastal towns by spending contribution points
Black Desert Online VS TERA
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