On this joyful day, I am proud of you and your success President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, to whom we send our sincere greetings and appreciation for his efforts to preserve the Palestinian constants and humans dignity in their homeland and land, and for us to support the President Abu Mazen leadership to fulfill the Palestinian dream of a state despite the US administration and Netanyahu's extremist government blackmail and threats
Now, its your turn to do great things and make a better future" Abu Zahri, reviewed the university most important achievements in short time

من هي الفنانة تحية الانصاري السيرة الذاتية ويكيبيديا

He concluded by congratulating the graduates, their parents and families, and called the alumni to be always responsible and work faithfully to bring back their knowledge to their homeland, contribute to the nation-building, be ambassadors to the university, and be proud to be part of this edifice whose name they carry in their degrees.

نجمة الحاج مشردة على الأرصفة.. وشقيقها يروي التفاصيل (صور)
To achieve this, the Central Council will discuss the future of the entire political project and review the authority status under Israel's domination on our money, steal our land, and put our people under siege
شقيق مروة محمد ”كومبارس عائلة الحاج متولي” المشردة : فارش لأختي مشمع وقاعدة في الشارع وعيالي بيخافوا منها
Zuhair Hijawi Award for Scientific Researches
تنقذها لإنقاذ حكاية فتاة تحولت من فنانة إلى مشردة
In the Medical and Biological Technology and Agricultural Sciences the first research winners were the students Safa Hayan Nasri Sultan and Bayan Mohamed Ishaq Yaghmor from the Palestine Polytechnic University
In its glorious ceremony the students of the Graduate Studies, Dentistry, Engineering and Information Technology, Allied Medical Sciences, Nursing, Law, Arts, Sciences, and Financial and Administrative Sciences faculties were graduated That is where we got the idea for Eng
Saidam gives the University the accreditation of the Master of Ophthalmic Nursing and establish a Faculty of Sports The Minister of Education and Higher education Dr We wishing them excellence in their career, to build their skills, serve their people, constantly striving to develop themselves and benefit from experiences, have noble values, and contribute in emancipation

من هي الممثلة المشردة التي شاركت في مسلسل الحاج متولي

Also AAUJ implements numerous extracurricular, artistic, cultural and sporting activities promoting the authentic Palestinian values of university students and reflects a bright cultural image its role in serving community.

شاهد .. الممثلة مروة محمد متشردة فى الشوارع
He congratulated the university for its determination that revolve around hope and more achievement
For the Environmental Sciences, Water and Renewable Energy category, the students who won the award: Rana Mohamed Mustafa Abu Ghayada and Rawan Ahmed Ali Al-Aqili from the Faculty of Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Palestine
The University Celebrates the 15th Batch Graduation under the Auspices of the President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen”
Because President Abu Mazen and before him Abu Ammar are holding on to the national parameters of ending the occupation, the establishment of the State with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of the refugees, and the fact that Israel has failed them all, and we stand clear, From the Arab American University by saying: We want Jerusalem, we want the country we want to go back