Hawkins for years, and I must say that Letting Go has the most practical value Never felt so conflicted about a book before
but how to achieve it? All this is good an well, but the title of the book is about the method of surrendering I especially appreciate his explanation of the "hierarchy" of emotions and their actual frequency levels

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When I came to page 200 I could not take it anymore and had to burn the book.

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I don't necessarily disagree with everything -in fact, I do find the technique useful- but a lot of his conclusions are just
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Edit: So apparently, if multiple books are written on a subject then it must be true ie near death experiences giving you psychic powers, the debunked theory of auras, This Cat In The Hat
This often leads to misunderstanding the text; Hawkins does FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review
His PhD is from the now closed Columbia Pacific University which has been charitably described as a diploma mill

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stupid, delusional if you will, and the fact that he uses Mother Theresa and Ghandi as examples takes some credibility away from him, in my opinion.

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Healing from an unpleasant event or loss will be a lot easier if we focus on finding the lesson in the experience
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" Sad to see so many four and five star reviews
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What ma What I find interesting is the large differences between this score and review and those who give the book a 5 star rating and glowing review
Forster What is it about even the idea of letting go that causes so much resistance? Hawkins' teachings, written just before his passing
In fact his Wikipedia page has been deleted How does that happen? Only two or three chapters in I already think this may be his most important work yet

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He describes everything in terms of the instant.

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Here, Hawkins describes the little emotional kick we get from a feeling of moral superiority, self-righteousness, or victimhood and asks "Is this temporary jolt wort it? I am sorry - I just don't buy it, and I cannot take it at face value that this is simply the nature of reality
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😜 I got some value out of the 'technique' of letting go, and this is probably the only value I really got out of the book
Letting Go: The Pathway To Surrender by David R. Hawkins
The source of mental suffering and blocks are repressed experiences