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I have already discussed at length the profound injustice of holding Shawali Khan and Abdul Ghani, in articles here and here, and noted how their cases discredit America, as Khan, against whom no evidence of wrongdoing exists, nevertheless had his habeas corpus petition denied, and Ghani, a thoroughly insignificant scrap metal merchant, was put forward for a trial by military commission — a war crimes trial — under President Bush

كتاب البلاء الشديد والميلاد الجديد للكاتب فايز الكندري pdf

Peter Finn January 22, 2010.

فايز الكندري
Sheikh Mohammad Al-Sabah, who met the joint committee for follow-up on the detainees' issue in Guantanamo in Washington last night, said in a statement to KUNA News Agency that the Emir of Kuwait devotes utmost concern for this case, personally following up on its developments and outcome of talks between Kuwaiti and US authorities in this respect
فايز الكندري
المعتقلون الكويتيون في غوانتانامو

تحميل كتاب البلاء الشديد والميلاد الجديد pdf


تحميل كتاب البلاء الشديد والميلاد الجديد
فايز الكندري
فايز الكندري