Advertising game codes is not allowed Take arguments to the DMs• Players can click to join the official discord server of Innersloth
In this article, we list out 5 of the most popular Among Us discord servers right now Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth

5 best Among Us discord servers in 2020

Invite link: Among Us Community is the 3rd biggest Among Us Discord server on the list with over 230,000 members.

Among Us Discord
The server has over 175,000 members looking to play
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However, after joining the server, you will be given a 10-minute cooldown before sending messages
The 10 Best Among Us Discord Servers
Players can click to join the official Discord server of Innersloth
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Town of Us Discord : AmongUs
Join this server by clicking
5 best Among Us Discord servers in November 2020
Despite having been released over two years ago, has emerged as one of the most popular games of 2020
Discord Server
The goal of the Crewmates is to identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map; the Impostors' goal is to covertly sabotage and kill the Crewmates before they complete all of their tasks
Invite link: Excavice LFG is a large and friendly community that allows members to find others to play among us LFG looking for group Step 11 : If everything is hiding, you can see a new period that all game data have been traditionally validated
Click to join this server The aorta is why at our website and you must meet among troops into different and emerge victorious

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So, if you want a large community of Among US players, then Among Us Community might be the best pick for you.

Discord Server
What is an Among Us Discord server? There are a ton of channels in the server—general chat, memes, LFG looking for groups , etc
The 10 Best Among Us Discord Servers
However, the server has pretty strict rules
5 best Among Us Discord servers in November 2020
It has userfriendly interface and i am just getting started on discord so there might be less people on my server but you can definitely play with your friends by sharing the invite link