Amal Al Marri is a designer and event creator who pursued her interest in the restaurant business in 2013 after graduating from Zayed University with an Interior Design degree
Deem Albassam is an experienced food entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing from the American University in Dubai and a passion for culinary creations Al Marri believes that simplicity and precision are key

‎من الفشل الى النجاح‫:‬ رائدة الأعمال السعودية ديم البسام [رائدة أعمال الأسبوع]

5 billion since the launch of the Government Procurement Program GPP in 2002.

ما قصة نجاح مطعم سولت الإماراتي
Somewhere is a restaurant with no specific origin
ما معنى اسم ديم في اللغة العربية وصفاتها
Grind is a homegrown coffee concept focused on signature drinks that mix dessert with high quality coffee
SALT takes pride in creating a lifestyle movement where guests are welcomed as part of the SALT family, calling everyone 'Salters' and going the extra mile to make sure everyone enjoys the experience
Together with food entrepreneur and close friend Deem Albassam, Indpt was formed — a food movement that celebrates the open spaces of the United Arab Emirates with simple, yet premium dining experiences
Visit to book your seats " We trust that friend to take us on a journey, on a new adventure to a unique place


Everyone has a friend who knows all the best places, the friend who says, "Let me take you somewhere.

‎من الفشل الى النجاح‫:‬ رائدة الأعمال السعودية ديم البسام [رائدة أعمال الأسبوع]
It is a culinary obsession that aims to foster childhood memories of spending time at the park, adding twist to street food from around the world and bringing the most flavourful food in a sociable setting
ديم البسّام... قصة نجاح بنكهة خليجية
It is more than just a burger place where you eat quickly and go
من هي ديم البسام؟
To get access, visitors need to find one of his keys
It is meant to be a 'Destination' that makes residents feel like tourists and tourists feel like residents Salters have determined the many SALT destinations and continue to influence the look and feel of the brand
Whatever we are today is because you asked for it

من هي ديم البسام؟

We wanted to find out what means the most to people, and to discover the places that they like to go.

ما لا تعرفه عن معنى اسم ديم Deem في علم النفس والقرآن • موقع مصري
Grind uses local beans that are micro-roasted daily, crafting only the best specialty retail beans
ما معنى اسم ديم في اللغة العربية والقرآن الكريم
We invite you Somewhere, a concept inspired by our love for traveling and enjoying the journey to reaching an unknown destination, letting yourself enjoy the thrill and the beauty of exploring
ما لا تعرفه عن معنى اسم ديم Deem في علم النفس والقرآن • موقع مصري
Customers are encouraged to follow him on Instagram and Snapchat to find out where he is and get a key