" Beginning in November 2019, U Its planned generation capacity was later increased to 6,000 MW, through 16 generating units with 375 MW nominal capacity each
At that time, the reservoir sizes were changed already

السودان يرحب باستجابة مجلس الأمن لطلبه بشأن سد النهضة

However, on 10 June 2013, he said that "all options are open" because "Egypt's water security cannot be violated at all," clarifying that he was "not calling for war," but that he would not allow Egypt's water supply to be endangered.

سد النهضة
The GERD-reservoir, once it has filled, has a total water volume of 74 km 3, 3 times the volume of Ethiopia's largest lake,
السودان يرحب باستجابة مجلس الأمن لطلبه بشأن سد النهضة
Following an August 2014 Tripartite Ministerial-level meeting, the three nations agreed to set up a Tripartite National Committee TNC meeting over the dam
السودان يخزن 1.6 مليار متر من المياه بسبب «سد النهضة»
In May 2011, it was announced that Ethiopia would share blueprints for the dam with Egypt so that the downstream impact could be examined
; Mersha, Azeb; Abdo, Gamal M " An aide to the Ethiopian Prime Minister stated that Egypt is "
5 km 2—2 mi away from the border with Sudan, it is much closer to the border than the main dam This second recommendation dealt with the structural integrity of the dam in context with the underlying as to avoid the danger of a sliding dam due to an unstable basement

خبير جيولوجي: سد النهضة صنف دوليا ضمن المشاريع الأكثر خطورة واحتمالات انهياره واردة


إثيويبا توجه رسالة إلى مصر والسودان بشأن سد النهضة
45 , the dam will be the largest in Africa when completed, as well as the
السودان يخزن 1.6 مليار متر من المياه بسبب «سد النهضة»
Environmental and social impacts [ ] See also: The NGO has commissioned a local researcher to make a field visit because so little information is publicly available
إثيوبيا تتحدث عن موقف قطر من قضية سد النهضة
The eventual surplus electricity of GERD which does not fit the demand inside Ethiopia, is then to be sold and exported to neighboring countries including Sudan and possibly Egypt, but also