Contact details for the jordanian embassy in riyadh — The size of the image must not exceed 100 kilobytes
— Expired — Pages are Full — changing Military status 7- Attachments The personal photo, which is the one that will be printed on the passport The following specifications must be observed in the image to be uploaded, and in case of violating the instructions, the application will be rejected: — The image should be frontal and white background 6- Reason for renewal Determines the purpose of renewing the passport, whether it is — Valid but it will expire in less than 6 months

القسم القنصلي

4 5 january 2021 press release regarding the visit of h e.

السفارة الاردنية في الرياض
5- Contact details Enter your Australian or New Zealand phone number and your email
الصفحة الرئيسية
— The clarity of facial features in it
الخدمات القنصلية
— The eyes are not closed
— Not wearing a hat or sunglasses — The head hair is not above or covering the eyes — The image format should be jpg, jpeg, png 8- Other Attachments The other attachments are all the documents required to renew the passport
5 5 january 2021 press release regarding the outcomes of the 41st gcc summit republic of turkey ministry of foreign affairs 05 01 2021

النماذج والطلبات القنصلية

The embassy of jordan in riyadh is located at third circle in diplomatic quarter and can be contacted by telephone on 11 488 0071 39 51 as well as by email email protected the consular section shares location as well as telephone number and email address with the embassy.

إصدار جوازات سفر الأردنيين في الخارج خلال خمسة أيام
— For the sisters who wear a head cover hijab , kindly note that the head cover is different from the white background in the picture
تجديد أو اصدار جوازات السفر الدائمة
2- Details of the concerned person The concerned person is chosen to renew his passport father, mother, son, and daughter and the rest of the data will be automatically filled out after selection
إصدار جوازات سفر الأردنيين في الخارج خلال خمسة أيام