The series has had numerous guest stars, including , , and the previously mentioned Donny Osmond 33b 20b "Prep School Johnny" Russell Calabrese Gene Grillo and John Crane Dave Schwartz January 14, 2000 2000-01-14 Johnny goes to a prep school, and three students named Nigel, Eurhart, and Piggy attempt to get him in trouble
43c 8c "Full Metal Johnny" Kirk Tingblad Gene Grillo Vaughn Tada November 17, 2000 2000-11-17 While applying for dodgeball camp, Johnny accidentally signs up for the army and has to deal with the roughest drill instructor ever, Sergeant Trixie He ends up catching a criminal called Will Joon Gi by accident

List of Johnny Bravo episodes


طريقة تحريك الأجسام في الرسوم المتحركة
Johnny, not wanting to break his strict diet, travels all across town to escape Suzy, who foils his every attempt to get away
Johnny Bravo
Forestall August 13, 1999 1999-08-13 Johnny sends away for a mail order perfect woman, but accidentally picks a Swedish fat woman named Helga instead
طريقة تحريك الأجسام في الرسوم المتحركة
The final season of the series returned to the humor of the original shorts and first season of the series, with Van Partible returning and co-directing all of the fourth season episodes, although the Jungle Boy character from the first season never returned
Unfortunately, another employee continues to get in his way 47c 12c "Frankenbravo" Kirk Tingblad Gene Grillo, Paul F
Enraged by this, Johnny vows to destroy the mutating machine Be careful because the walls suddenly appear

جوني برافو

Along the way, they must escape a named Buster name unmentioned in the episode who pretends he's and later so he can eat swimmers.

Johnny Bravo
The TV hero proves to be truly bizarre and illogical, and leads Johnny on a wild goose chase by interpreting "clues" such as trash and Chinese restaurant names
Johnny Bravo
Voice actor was cast as Johnny, based solely on his young, hyped Elvis impression
جوني برافو (لاعب كرة قدم)