1991: Producer and presenter of The Journalism Show for MBC channel He has been criticized for his selection of guests, such as for the episode on the alleged terrorist armed gangs of Syria, where he hosted a military personality to debate with a Lebanese author, where the military personality was viewed as incompetent and inappropriate for such a debate
1997: Launched "The Opposite Direction" show Has many article contributions in Syrian newspapers

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The Opposite Direction [ ] "The Opposite Direction" is regarded as probably the most controversial talk show in the history of Arab television.

نبذة عن فيصل القاسم
1989-1988: Producer and presenter of cultural shows in the Arab department at BBC
فيصل القاسم: أردوغان هو القائد الوطني الذي صنع شعبهُ
4 Nov 2004 : 41 3
فيصل القاسم : ما حذر منه الحسين اصبح واقعا
The Toronto Star March 23, p
In 2001 Al-Qassim was asked about his faith and he answered that he is but in the past years from 2019 Faisal Al-Qassem's post have shown some type of Islamic influence over them which made many people believe that Al-Kasim converted to Fights break out on some occasions
He believes that Al-Jazeera and his show have been successful in doing that Writes a weekly article in "Al-Sharq" The East Qatari Newspaper until today

حياة الإعلامي فيصل القاسم وأهم انجازاته

Producer and presenter of several political programs at BBC, including "Al-Aalam Hatha Al Sabaah" The World This Morning , "Aalam Al Thaheera" Afternoon World , and others.

فيصل القاسم : ما حذر منه الحسين اصبح واقعا
Rasgon, Adam February 27, 2019
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Al-Qassim originally aspired to become a weather report presenter on television
حياة الإعلامي فيصل القاسم وأهم انجازاته
Subsequently, and covered the story as if Shuster-Eliassi's proposal were genuine
Al-Qassem's program has led to diplomatic crises between the state of , where Al Jazeera is based, and several Arab countries, five of which withdrew their ambassadors from in protest over the program Producer and presenter of multiple entertainment and music shows at BBC, including "Adwaa Wa Qadaya" Lights and Cases , "Araa Wa Maraya" Opinions and Mirrors , and others
It is also one of the most popular, and has drawn official protest and complaints from officials

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As a child born into a poor family, Al-Qassim had to work various jobs including metalwork, harvesting, street cleaning, electrical work, and more tedious tasks.

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Faisal Al-Qassem prepares the show himself, researching, writing, and presenting it single-handedly
حياة الإعلامي فيصل القاسم وأهم انجازاته
Publications [ ] Al-Qassem has published the following book titles in Arabic:• Al Qassim's family were able to buy a black and white television set of their own after electricity was introduced to his village
فيصل القاسم حرم زوجته من شقيقها واختفى عن الجزيرة؟
Early life [ ] Faisal Al-Qassim was born in 1961 in the village of Thaala, ,