In 1998, was the first man to swim across the northern Atlantic Ocean without the help of a kick board, stopping for only one week in the The voyage became the basis for the invention of the global system of
In 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first female to make a solo flight across the Atlantic• In 1921, the were the first to cross the North Atlantic in an In 1000, the Icelander, is the first European to discover the Atlantic coast of North America, including

ماهو اكبر محيط في العالم ؟

In 1922, and were the first to cross the South Atlantic in an airship.

كم محيط في العالم
محيط (جغرافيا)
In 1492, lands somewhere in
ماهو اكبر محيط في العالم ؟
From 1415 to 1488, Portuguese navigators sail along the Western African coast, reaching the
Between 1512 to 1530, it is believed by some that made a journey across the Atlantic Ocean, but his intentions are disputable In 1764 [ ] the son of sailed aboard the , with the time piece
In 1419 and 1427, reach and , respectively In 1865 the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable was laid by 's ship the

كم محيط في العالم

From 1499 to 1502, maps the east coast of South America, proving that the Americas are not the east edge of Asia but continentally separate.

اكبر محيط بالعالم 1 الاطلنطي 2 الهادي 1او2
In 1858, the first was laid by , though it rapidly failed
ما هو اكبر محيط في العالم
In 1004, is the first European born on the American continent
اكبر محيط في العالم
In 1003, leads an attempted settlement in North America but is driven off by the natives